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January 13, 2008
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The choir by JohndeLano The choir by JohndeLano
'The choir' is my entry for 'The Forgotten Folklore Contest' [link] that is held by =Behana I did not choose an existing myth or legend, but some of my own writings. Actually I don't write anymore. The following is something from a few years ago.

..... Therefore I forbid you to whistle in the dark. John didn't understood why his father got so angry. And asking for an explanation was like carying water to the see. His fathers words stayed in his mind for days, almost becoming an obsession. Because his mother kept her mouth shut as well, he decided to talk to Michael. He was one of the monks that lived in the abbey not far from the castle. Over a short period of time they had become good friends and John knew that Michael would help him. .............. ......... ....... ....... ...... .............. ......... ....... ....... ...... .............. ......... ....... ....... ...... .............. ......... ....... ....... ...... "It's a myth" said Michael. Nobody knows if it's true or not, but they are called 'The choir'. Woman that are dressed in white and who only appear when you whistle in the dark... "And" said John. "And what" Michael asked anoyed. For a moment it was quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the rain on the roof.

But Michael knew what he wanted to ask. They are not human. Well, at least not human like you and I, but they aren't ghosts either. They are from an other world John. It's a place that we call 'There were nothing grows'. And again there fell a silence. Michael stood up and walked the window .....

I wanted 'The choir' to look mysterious. But at the same time they had to look scary and elegant. The clothing is inspired by a wild mixture of different time periods. The artwork is created with brushes only. The colors for the brushwork were done in cream, off white, gold and grey tones. Also some little hints of red. A texture was used to enhance the contrast and depth.

Thank you for viewing, commenting and/or faving. Because I can't answer you all, I'll thank you on forehand :blowkiss: And please, only fave when you like my artwork. I don't get mad when you don't fav it :hug:

Special note: I want to thank Silvia (she's the girl in the picture). She deleted the original stockpicture from her account some time ago. It made me very happy that she gave me her permission to use it anyway :blowkiss:

:iconangelcage-stock: for the picture of the girl.
Brushes and textures are created by me.
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